Monday, March 04, 2002

A Disturbing Thought

Lately my hits have been slowly rising, it's hardly a mad rush of surfers beating at my door, but a slow trickle of incoming visitors from google and blogdex and such.

I was checking out the stats today and the search for Xiao Xiao cartoons still seems to be the no. 1 search that brings people here. There was one Google referral that really cracked me up, though: Some guy out there (or gal, who knows) searching for "Tonya Harding Porn" was directed this way due to the fact that I had a story on here about Ms. Harding and Amy Fisher's now defunct boxing match on Fox. (Fisher backed out and is going to be replaced with new contender Paula Jones, by the way)

I just can't help but think that with a zillion terrabytes of porn out there on the internet, it's kind of sad that anyone would waste their time looking for naked pictures of Tonya Harding.

Obviously, this person is completely deranged...but hey - whatever brings 'em in is fine by me. That said, I'd like to take a yet another google-baiting moment to mention "XXX sex porn shoe fetish asian bondage Bea Arthur naked."

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