Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Who Would Ever Have Guessed That Coffee Would Be HOT?

Well, yet another wave of morons have decided to take McDonald's to court because they were supposedly burned by the food chain's coffee.

I felt like I had to comment on this story because I'm just sick to death of the way our legal system is being abused by this sort of frivolous crap.

I've got news for you, you feebs...coffee is hot. It can burn you.

This is something that most of us learn when we're three years old, it's a given. There shouldn't be a need for stricter warnings on coffee cups, in the same way there shouldn't be a need for warning labels on bricks that say "Danger, do not bash this repeatedly over your head - doing so may cause brain-damage and turn you into the kind of person who sues corporations because their drink was too hot!"

Coffee is, by definition, hot - preferably steaming hot.This is why most of us normal, non-brain-damaged people take care with it when we drink the stuff.

If you're some kind of mental-defective who's too stupid to realize that a cup of coffee is hot and can scald you, that shouldn't be McDonald's problem and it sure as hell shouldn't be the U.S. court system's problem.

What would these fools have the rest of us do? Drink our coffee lukewarm, because a small section of the populace are lawsuit-happy simpletons who can't tell the difference between hot and cold?

Not only should their cases be thrown out of court, the court should order that they be forced to wear badges labeling them as incompetents, so people like McDonald's cashiers will know that they're just not up to the task of handling a hot cup of joe, or using sharp objects, like plastic forks.

This, coupled with subjecting them to mandatory sterilization - so they won't muck up the gene pool further - should solve the problem of coffee burns.

myCFnow.com - McDonald's Under Fire For Hot Drinks

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