Thursday, March 07, 2002

The Onion's Metatag

I was bored awhile ago, sitting here waiting on The Onion's page to load (I don't know what it is - the tons of traffic they recieve, I guess - but it's one of the slowest-loading pages I frequent) and I got to looking at their source particular, their meta-tag keywords (a meta-tag, for anyone who doesn't know, is a list of words that search engine spiders look at to determine what your site's all about) I think they've pretty well got everything under the sun covered, no wonder it's so popular. Note: I censored a couple words, it's not like you won't be able to figure out what they are but I shy away from including certain terms on here, trying to keep it semi-family oriented :)

The Onion, Onion, Harry Potter, Clinton, sex, Bill Clinton, Jesus, Bush, comedy, humor, publication, media, news, source, jokes, weekly, magazine, gay, what do you think, Christ, Savage Love, moon, God, Gore, all your base, ninja, f***, baby, special olympics, Bill Gates, Herbert Kornfeld, Smoove B, Star Wars, horoscope, marijuana, infographic, drugs, Kornfeld, Canada, death, shit, Nader, area man, rush, Al Gore, election, phish, dolphin, Marilyn Manson, c***, babies, cat, NBA, homosexual, special forces, h-dog, microsoft, point, counterpoint, statshot, holy shit, babies, Jim Anchower, religion, monkey, college, Starbucks, children, porn, pope, Don King, penis, smoove, anchower, dog, kids, hell, school, death star, Christmas, Ralph Nader, computer, zweibel, vagina, eminem, bear, red meat, burger king, Serbia, homosexuals, metric, video game, drug war, columbine, beer, pot, masturbation, Bill Nye, trailer park, police, Britney Spears, Mr. T, ferret, Taco Bell, George W, AV Club

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