Friday, April 19, 2002

Idiot Judge Proclaims So-Called "Artist's" Extreme Torture of Cat, "not the worst offence".

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I'm no PETA vigilante. However, I do love animals. Let me elaborate...for instance, I don't think it's very cool to hang a cat by it's throat from a phone cord for fifteen minutes, slit it's throat, stab it, kick it, skin it, tear it's eyeball out with a dental instrument and then rip it's ears off with a pair of pliers. That's just me.

Incredibly, though, Ontario Court Judge Ted Ormston doesn't seem to see a helluva lot wrong with it. He shocked a courtroom full of people who'd been moved to tears after witnessing the video the perpetrators had made to preserve the horrific act for posterity, telling them he was passing on his option of giving the men the maximum time allowed because he felt their crime was "not the worst offence possible" and that "There are worse ways that this cat could have died.".

Ummm...worse ways? Maybe I'm just not not that imaginative, but it'd be hard for me to come up with anything to top the gruesome spectacle described above. Apparently, though, Ormston can, mentioning that the men could have spent a longer amount of time torturing the cat. Point taken, Judge Freddy Krueger.

The sleazy lawyer of Jesse Power, 22, the apparent ringleader of the group's (there were three men involved, one has yet to be found by police) cat-slaying party says that it was all part of an art project, intended to make a statement against meat-eaters.

Such high idealism...he's a visionary artist, of course! What a fine, insightful and brilliant bit of artistic achievement. Beats Monet's Water Lilies any day, hands down. I bet Picasso, were he still alive, would wish he'd thought of it first, obviously this is something on a par with Da Vinci's Last Supper in terms of artistic merit - someone give this guy a big, fat grant and pronto!

I've seen some awful garbage passed off as Art in the last decade or two and some of it, though offensive to many, I can muster some defense for. Sometimes art should shock. It's good to rattle the cage a little now and then and shake things up. There's a huge difference, though, in something that - while shocking or even disturbing - has some real artistic value, as opposed to projects such as Power's previous work, for instance - in which he slaughtered and consumed a chicken for art class (he got an A for that, by the way). That's the kind of stunt hacks resort to because they have neither the talent nor discipline to learn to paint, draw, sculpt or create anything of beauty or power. That's not art, that's an episode of Jackass.

Sounds to me like Power just plain gets a kick out of killing things. Maybe one day, when he really loses it and cleaves off a human's head, the clueless judge who sentenced him will rethink his decision.

Look, this rant went on a little long, sometimes I'm compelled to write my opinions things, though and and this is the kind of stuff that really ticks me off.

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