Thursday, April 18, 2002

Miracle Pill of the Day: Provigil

Well, last week scientists announced they think they'd possibly found a way around that pesky "exercise" thing and may be able to formulate a concoction that will allow you to sit on your lazy butt in front of a tv eating chips all night and get buff like a Baywatch lifeguard while doing it.

Then a couple days later they announced a new pill that betters Viagra.

Now they've gone mad-scientist on us again and are offering up a possible alternative to sleep pill form.

Provigil, early reports show, allows people to remain awake for days at a time, without the awful side-effects and loss of cognitive performance you get with the likes of amphetamines and caffiene.

I have a bad feeling about this one. For obvious reasons this is going to be the most popular drug of all time and more than likely it'll be ten years or so of people running around day, getting things done, being happy, productive super-people - then finding out it's given them all brain cancer.

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