Friday, April 19, 2002

Things You Find When You're Bored and Do a Google Search On Bewitched

This one had nothing to do with the television show at all but there were a couple pretty things on it, I particularly liked "the constellation"

This next one is my favorite so far:

The Bewitched Project

. . .Darrin the Bold, slew Rufus the Red in the 14th Century, and that henceforth all his descendants have been accursed. Samantha tells Endora. . .and returns Samantha to 14th Century Killkarney. Samantha stops the fatal duel between. . .the other is invincible. . .She twitches her nose and gets the desired effect. . .

Next up is a really stylin' flashed page from Sony's Screen Gems Network with some games, episode rundowns and stuff, really spiffy animation. The intro catches the spirit of the original cartoon intro of the show, as does the rest of the site's design. Probably you're wondering why I'm posting all this stuff.

Hey, I'm 33, I liked Bewitched, sue me. In fact, I liked I Dream of Jeannie, too, so here's her site.

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