Thursday, April 18, 2002

This Site Will Not Make Any Sense To You If You're Not a Seventies Comic Fan. You Have Been Warned

I'm posting it anyway, though. While I was searching for something completely unrelated I stumbled across this site, The Hembeck Files!

Back in the late seventies, Fred Hembeck used to have a little comic strip that they ran in the editorial page of all of DC's comic books. It wasn't exactly Bloom County or Peanuts and the comedy material was strictly in-jokes geared towards the readership of DC's various comics, but I enjoyed it - comic nut that I was - and it was a kick seeing all of the strips online, out of nowhere - especially since i hadn't given it any thought in twenty years or so.

In other words, I'm a nostalgic sap and I can post whatever I want. Besides, a few of them (like the one above) feature my blogging nom de plume, Jimmy Olsen - so deal :)

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