Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Vampire Wannabe Violates Probation, Steals Vial of Blood

It is my firm belief that there are some people in this world who should just be put down, same as you would a dog that has rabies. For whatever reason, they're just way too messed up for us to ever expect they can be "fixed", placed back into the general population and expected to play nicely with others. You're just going to wind up putting them in prison over and over, at a huge expense to taxpayers and a greater cost to their victims and their victims' families.

I think that a convicted rapist who thinks he's a vampire is a perfect candidate for this kind of solution. 22-year-old Jack Johnson, of Cincinnati, self-proclaimed vampire, violated his probation recently by stealing a vial of blood from a hospital where he was having some medical work done.

Johnson was serving three year's probation for raping a twelve-year-old girl, which apparently doesn't carry much of a penalty these days, obviously. This creep should have been counting his blessings and being thankful some idiot judge let him back out on the street, instead of placing him firmly in an electric chair and lighting him up like a Holiday Inn sign. Instead, what's does he do? He steals a vial of blood from the hospital to satisfy his Count Freakula need to drink human blood and gets tossed back in prison. Probably he'll be there, or in a psych ward, for another couple years, then they'll release him and maybe, just maybe they'll put him away for good once he finally stabs someone about a hundred times and hangs them upside down on a cross or something. What's the point? You want to be a vampire - okay, you're a vampire, fine. Let's ram a stake through your heart and be done with it already, problem solved.

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