Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Wet Cats In Danger of Extinction!

Here's the angry wet cat pic of the day. Sadly, I'm afraid I may have to end this short-lived tradition soon, as it's getting harder to find any that meet up to my stringent standards. Scouring Google's image search provided a lot of pictures of soaked felines, to be sure. However, in order to meet the requirements necessary for my inclusion here the cat must be not only wet, but angry and at least semi-comical as well.

We'll see. It may come down to just posting a "funny" picture of the day, though, so enjoy these while you can. By the way, don't you admire the adult-like restraint I've shown by not once mentioning the very obvious play on words that the term "wet cat" presents? This is a wholesome family show, kids :)

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