Monday, August 19, 2002

Bionic Comeback

It appears that Jamie Sommers will be coming back to the small screen in an updated version of The Bionic Woman. There's no word yet whether original series star, Lindsay Wagner will appear in the show but it's assumed that the lead will be played by someone else. A companion series to The Six Million Dollar Man, the 70's show featured Wagner as Steve Austin's tennis star girlfriend, who, when injured horribly in an accident, was rebuilt with bionic parts much as he was. (Steve Austin, of course, was the original Six Million Dollar Man, not the wife-beating idiot WWF star of the same name).

I'm just curious as to what kind of price-tag the show's producers will place on the new Bionic Woman's fictional operation. If I recall the old shows correctly, Steve explained to Jamie that she cost a "little less" than he did. Sexism? Nope - "Smaller parts", Austin explained :)

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