Sunday, August 18, 2002

David Lee Roth, Spambuster!

I'm hesitant to link to anything on Geocities, due to their utter crappiness, but this was just too funny and I had to post it. "Jason", of the Scam Joke Page got one of those emails from a so-called Nigerian businessman claiming to make him a zillionaire and kept up a very long and funny correspondence with him under the guise of David Lee Roth - American business tycoon. The subsequent exchange of emails is hilarious - at one point Jason even emails the guy a picture of himself (or rather, of David Lee Roth, former frontman of Van Halen, in all his 80's bleached-blonde glory) and has the clueless scam-artist referring to him as "Diamond Dave" in his letters.

I'm really curious how many people have fell for these emails and wound up in Nigeria with their money gone, beaten up and left for dead or without a passport. I'm sure at some point someone has, though - which is surprising, as the perpetrators don't seem to be the sharpest crayons in the box themselves, judging by these missives.

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