Saturday, August 24, 2002

Woo-hoo! I'm a high-class nerd now!

I got me one of them there usernames at Metafilter, or as we uptown with-it folks call it, "MeFi". It's a great site and I swipe a lot of the links on here from it. Actually, I was pretty glad about that username. When MeFi's membership started to skyrocket, before I began frequenting it, the folks running the show stopped new signups altogether for awhile. Then, eventually, they began to dole out a maximum twenty free signups a day.

Being an undesirable vagrant-type with no Paypal account I was kind of left out in the cold (you do have the option of kicking them a few bucks via the pal if you want to jump right in and get a membership regardless of the day's quota being filled). It was no huge thing but it always bugged me a little when I'd see a story I wanted to comment on and couldn't.

Anyhow, I knew if I persevered, one day I'd luck up and hit the Metafilter username lottery and finally, I did. So if there are any fans or members of the site out there, maybe we'll bump into one another on their message boards, I'm JimmyOlsen, of course :)

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