Saturday, August 24, 2002

Ten Thousandth Visitor Today!

Well, my sitemeter counter is on 9,999 - so I figure that, assuming the world doesn't blow up in the next five minutes or people stop searching for "nude+pics+amy fisher" or whatever - I'll have bypassed the ten-thousand mark by the time this post is finished. Probably at least fifty of those hits are mine, as I sometimes forget to ignore my ip address at sitemeter before I tend to my blog, but what the hell - it's still a crapload of visitors and I say it's time to break out the champagne and party hats. I started this blog back in November of 2001 and I'd never had a website that had more than maybe 40 visits or something, so to me 10,000 hits is kind of a big deal.

Hopefully over the course of the year I can improve on my traffic flow - with a little bit of luck. I never really thought that I'd still be posting to this thing when I first set it up at Blogger and these last couple months I suppose I haven't been quite as diligent about posting to it as I used to be - but I'm still here, plugging away and more than likely will be for quite some time.

Thanks to all my friends and regular readers for stopping by - there have been a lot of times I felt like just saying "forget it" but then someone would write me or leave a nice comment or something and give me incentive to keep on posting. I hope you'll continue to stop by my little blog and I promise - as long as you keep coming by, I'll keep doing my best to entertain you with more weird/zany/funny crap and my own semi-humorous ramblings. Seeya tomorrow and oh...whoever you were: visitor 10,000? Your new Corvette is in the mail.

(Let me be perfectly clear - that was a joke, just in case some jerk out there tries to sue me for a damn Corvette :P)

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