Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Tanya Harding - Woman Behind Bars - Now Showing on Skinemax!

Tanya Harding arrived at the Clark County Jail in Washington yesterday, prepared to serve a ten day sentence for drinking while on her probation. Why am I bothering to post this? Well, mainly for the benefit of all the freaks who used to come here through Google via searches for things like "Tanya Harding + Naked + Pics". Yeah, I know, it boggles the mind, but it happens, day in, day out. Weirdest part is, I was never really that high up in the search results - so these dudes weren't idly checking on a whim, they were going through maybe twenty pages of results, scanning site after site, holding on to the hope that their somewhat pathetic dream of seeing America's most infamous Olympic trailer trash naked would come true.

The Internet is a scary, awful place sometimes and instead of fighting it, I'm just going to pander, pander, pander, my friends. So here's a little scrap for my Harding perv visitors - as well as anyone who likes to laugh at the troubled lives of hapless celebs. Hope you enjoy it.

By the way, check out the look of absolute glee on Tanya's face as she heads towards the jail. What's up with that, was she drunk when the picture was taken, as well?

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